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Want a Manicure That Lasts? Try These Tips!

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Manicures are great! That is, until they are chipping and peeling off.  Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your nail polish looking fresh:

It's All About Preparation
You should cleanse your nails to eliminate excess dirt as well as natural oils from your nail beds. Oil and polish do not mix, so be sure to wipe your nails with nail polish remover to give yourself a clean canvas.  

Don't File in Different Directions
It doesn’t matter which direction you file in but be sure that you are filing each nail in only that direction, rather than back and forth. Alternating the direction in which you file your nail can weaken the nail, making it more prone to breaking and peeling, which will also affect your manicure.

Don't Soak Your Nails

A lot of manicurists will soak their customer's fingers in order to soften cuticles. This can make those with more sensitive nails retain water in their fingers, causing swelling. Once the swelling subsides, your fingers will shrink, causing your painted nails to shrink with it. Instead of soaking your nails, use cuticle oil instead. This will soften your cuticles without any expansion.

Use a Base Coat
In order to make your manicure last, you should try using a base coat.  

Painting Nails The Correct Way
A rule of thumb is to apply two coats only. Any more or less will peel and chip a lot more easily. Also be sure to wipe the brush on the edge of the bottle opening before each application. 

Storing Bottles
If your bottles have been sitting for a while, roll the bottle on a table or in between your hands rather than shaking the bottle. Shaking it can cause air bubbles in the nail polish, as well as on your nails!

Don't Forget The Top Coat
A good top coat is like a secret weapon to longer wear and shiny nails. A fresh reapplication of top coat will keep your nails looking new.

Not everyone wants glittery nails, but they will actually also help your manicure last longer since they are less prone to chipping.

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